We are a business consulting agency with an incubator mindset.


We are a dedicated group of industry-specific experts who excel in the precise areas where you need it most. Whether you require guidance in marketing strategies, financial management, operational efficiency, social media engagement, or any other critical area of your business, we have the specialized knowledge, experience, and skill-set to support you. 

We also understand that your journey is not just about building a successful business, but also about creating a life that allows you to be present with your family.

Because many moms face barriers to traditional employment, our focus is to empower women to create career opportunities for themselves, shifting the idea of what professional growth can look like as it coincides with motherhood.

At The Moment Group, we believe that being a mother should never impede your pursuit of professional aspirations. In fact, we've observed that motherhood frequently serves as a catalyst, unleashing a woman's true passions and untapped potential.

Meet our Founder & CEO

Sara Alter is a veteran entrepreneur, business coach, certified life coach, and the Founder & CEO of The Moment Group.

Sara has consulted for businesses of all sizes, from multi-national corporations to early stage start-ups.

Sara founded her first global business, Pretty Please Nail Polish, in 2010. She has since gone on to found two more companies, helping countless women entrepreneurs build their own successful businesses.

Sara Alter

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Sara founded her first global business, Pretty Please Nail Polish, in 2010. Pretty Please was a first to market, customized nail polish business offering personalization through the selection of nail polish colors you could name yourself. 

In this role, Sara managed all aspects of marketing, business development, operations, distribution, sales, social media and public relations. As a result of those efforts, Pretty Please was featured on the pages of dozens of top magazines, including Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, InStyle, UsWeekly, People, and many more. Pretty Please was featured on Good Morning America multiple times and on local news shows around the country.

Sara also secured partnerships with iconic brands, including LOFT, Vera Bradley, Rita Hazan, Colgate, The Wendy Williams Show, Harper Collins, The White Pages, and Forbes, to name a few. 

Sara founded Moment Consulting (MOM-ENT-repreneur) in 2019, offering business strategy and consulting services to mom entrepreneurs. She expanded her business into an agency, and rebranded as “The Moment Group”, offering a wide range of in-house services to support moms taking their businesses to the next level. 

Sara sits on the advisory boards of Intentionally Unplugged, a digital well-being organization and Plannr Consulting, a youth-led mental health support nonprofit.


Sara is married with two young children and is busy balancing her own career with, what else? Motherhood! She grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and post college, spent 15 years building her career in New York City before relocating to Old Greenwich, CT with her family.


Sara Alter Bio

Sara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Apparel Design from the University of Delaware, a certificate in “Entrepreneurship Essentials” from Harvard Business School and a certificate in “Women in Entrepreneurship” from Cornell University. 


Sara has been featured for her entrepreneurial achievements in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, CEO MOM Magazine and in Conde Nast Fingerprints where she was selected as their “creative innovator”. Her nail polish walked down the runways of New York Fashion Week four years in a row!  

We're here to support you on your journey of building a successful business 

while effectively balancing the demands of entrepreneurship and motherhood.

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