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We support moms through every stage of the entrepreneurial journey

Because so many moms face barriers to traditional employment, our focus is to empower women to create career opportunities for themselves, shifting the idea of what professional growth can look like as it coincides with motherhood.

In the United States, where workforce support for mothers is notably lacking, many women face a daunting challenge when attempting to return to traditional employment. This gap in support makes entrepreneurship an increasingly appealing avenue, empowering women to chart their professional course and assume a career, on their own terms. As a result, women are starting businesses in record numbers, with recent statistics showing a significant surge in the creation of Mom-owned businesses. We hope to see that number rise.

At The Moment Group, we’re committed to providing you with the guidance and resources to increase your chance of success. We're here to help you create that path, in the way that works best for you, and your family.

You already have what it takes. we're just here to help bring your vision to life.

At The Moment Group, we believe that being a mother should never impede your pursuit of professional aspirations. In fact, we've found that motherhood frequently serves as a catalyst, unleashing true passions and untapped potential.

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Meet Our Founder, Sara Alter

sara is a Brand builder, creative director, business educator, strategic advisor, and your new business bestie

Sara managed all aspects of marketing, business development, operations, distribution, sales, social media, and public relations. She secured a celebrity following and dozens of editorial placements in top outlets like Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, InStyle, UsWeekly, People, Good Morning America, The Wendy Williams Show, and many more.

Sara also secured partnerships with iconic brands, including LOFT, Vera Bradley, Rita Hazan, Colgate, The Wendy Williams Show, Harper Collins, and The White Pages, to name a few. 

After ten years, Sara decided to move on from Pretty Please, and founded Moment Consulting (MOM-ENT-repreneur). She offered strategic support to women navigating the initial phases of entrepreneurial growth, alongside the demands of motherhood.

Three years later, her solo consulting business was at capacity and she knew she wanted to provide more to her clients than what she could offer on her own.

With a proven business model in place, her consultancy expanded to become The Moment Group, an agency offering a a diverse team of in-house business experts, ensuring mom entrepreneurs have all the support they need, under one roof.

Sara earned her Bachelors Degree in Apparel Design from the University of Delaware, a certificate in “Entrepreneurship Essentials” from Harvard Business School, and a certificate in “Women in Entrepreneurship” from Cornell University. She is also a Certified Life Coach. Sara sits on the advisory boards of Intentionally Unplugged, a digital well-being organization, and Planner Consulting, a youth-led mental health support nonprofit.

When Sara became a mom in 2016, she realized that, despite her initial success, she wasn't prepared for the challenges that came with running and growing a business while balancing the demands of motherhood. 

Over her 20 year entrepreneurial career, Sara has consulted for businesses of all sizes, from multinational corporations to early-stage start-ups. Today, her focus is on helping moms step into their next professional chapter with confidence, ease, and a comprehensive support system in place.

Sara began her entrepreneurial journey in 2010 when she launched Pretty Please Nail Polish, a first-to-market, personalized nail polish brand. 

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Where there's a will there's a way!

Creativity and flexibility.

When im in the shower or driving.

I think mothers have historically been undervalued and under-supported and this world needs more of what we've got!


"The best way out is always through" - Robert Frost 

Midnights (3AM Edition)

Creative, thoughtful, perceptive.

A fashion designer - my major in college.

I would be a therapist with a side gig flipping houses.

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