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Carve your own path. Redefine success. This is your moment.

Carve your own path. Redefine success. This is your moment.

We're a boutique consulting agency providing mom entrepreneurs with the resources, and guidance, to grow businesses while maintaining the flexibility to prioritize family life. With our comprehensive support and dedication to empowering mothers in business, we strive to make entrepreneurship accessible and achievable in this next professional chapter.

This is your mom-ent

(mom - ent - repreneuer)

get it?

We know what you need, because we've been in your shoes! 

We know firsthand the struggles of balancing business growth with the demands of motherhood. But rest assured, we're here to lighten your load. We're dedicated to easing the pressure by guiding your business growth in a way that aligns with your life as a mother. We want entrepreneurship to be a fulfilling and manageable journey.

Because your time is limited, we've curated a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. We offer a wide variety of essential services, all under one roof. With decades of entrepreneurial experience, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to help your business thrive.

We're excited to be your partner, providing the support you need, every step of the way.

At The Moment Group, we understand the unique challenges and incredible potential that come with being  a mom entrepreneur.

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1. all-inclusive program

A la Carte

Need specialized assistance in a particular area? We offer an a la carte menu of services and strategies to support the most pressing areas of your business, one step at a time.

3. custom service  selections

1:1  Sessions

A personalized approach to business growth with our one-on-one coaching and accountability sessions.

2. coaching & accountability

A collaborative 12-week experience created for the proactive entrepreneur looking for tangible and efficient growth with a dedicated team of experts.

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Founder and Chief Entrepreneurial Officer, Sara Alter 

Sara Alter is a veteran entrepreneur, business coach, certified life coach, and the Founder of The Moment Group. 

As a three-time founder, Sara knows first-hand the challenges of juggling the demands of a career and motherhood. In fact, her own entrepreneurial experience was the catalyst for gathering a diverse team of experts and bringing them in-house to launch The Moment Group.
With a tight-knit team of industry experts pooling their talents, The Moment Group backs Sara's vision of uplifting mom entrepreneurs, offering the support and know-how to forge creative paths and find professional success after motherhood.

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"Sara gave me clear, actionable insights that continue to enable me to focus and refine my message and my business. She has helped me find clarity and purpose in my product-based business, and that leaves me with more energy to create and connect while maintaining boundaries with my time."


“Sara literally helped me jumpstart my business. Prior to our conversation, I felt insecure and a bit lost. If it weren’t for us connecting, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


“Working with Sara gave me the confidence and clarity to take the next steps in launching my business.
I left our meeting together with a clearer vision of my goals and a plan for how to get there. I’m so glad I found her!”


Unparalleled professionalism, paired with reasonable expectations and measurable results. That’s how I would describe my experience working with MOMENT."

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