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our coaching provides you with honest, objective, and actionable guidance to set you on the right path forward.

Our coaching provides you with honest, objective, and actionable guidance to set you on the right path forward.


the business strategy session

the strategy express

Introducing our 60-minute Business Strategy Session: This call is your personalized roadmap to success, tailored to address your pressing issues and standout questions. Whether you're a new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, we tailor the call to meet you at the stage you’re in. We will analyze all relevant aspects of your business, from pricing strategies to digital marketing, leaving no stone unturned. With Sara's expertise and attention to detail, you will gain unique insights about your business, along with clear, actionable steps. Walk away with newfound clarity, confidence, and a tangible plan to bring your vision to life. If you're tired of wondering 'what if’, questioning if you're making the right choices, or sitting on a big idea because you don't know what to do next, this call is precisely for you!

Introducing our 30-minute Coaching Call: Strategy Express. Exclusively for existing clients who need quick and convenient support. Sometimes you don’t need an hour to dedicate to a sit-down strategy session and simply need answers while you’re on the go! That's where our 30-minute coaching calls come in. Sara offers quick, targeted guidance, jumping right in where you left off. With these small bursts of support, you'll receive the exact advice and feedback you need to keep moving forward with confidence.

Please Note: Our 30-minute Strategy Express Call is reserved exclusively for existing clients of The Moment Group who have engaged in discussions with Sara within the last three months.


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Coaching is perfect for you if...

*You aspire to strengthen and grow your brand through honest, objective feedback and actionable next steps.

*You crave a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in initiating and expanding a business.

*Enhancing brand messaging, refining your social media presence, gaining media exposure, and boosting sales are key priorities.

*You grapple with specific questions like pricing strategies, business partnerships, or community promotion and seek expert guidance.

*Honest feedback is paramount to you, steering you in the right direction and ensuring continuous progress.

*You envision a coaching partner who understands your unique blend of family, personal, and business dynamics, and can help weave them together to create a successful and fulfilling balance.


A note from Sara...

Twenty years ago, I was in your shoes, eager to start a business but unclear about the path ahead. When I first stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, I felt excited but completely overwhelmed, learning with every step and making lots of mistakes along the way. Now, two decades of experience and multiple businesses later, I'm here to give you the guidance I wish I had. Together we will streamline your path forward, avoid common pitfalls, and empower you to navigate the intricate nuances of entrepreneurship with clarity and confidence. Consider me your mentor, cheerleader, and business confidant, ready to openly share the take-aways from my hard-earned years as a female founder. 

- Sara

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